Free Anti-Virus for the PC’s and Smart Phones by Government


Free Anti-Virus for the PC’s and Smart Phones by Government

Being one among the top countries in the usages of smart phones and internet, it is mandatory for the government to provide essential safeguards to the Indian citizens from the potential cyber thread and attack. On accumulating those facts, recently the central government of India has announced about providing free antivirus to its citizens. The anti-virus software won’t be charged it will totally free of cost for the users. The anti-virus software can be utilized in both PC’s and as well as in the smart phones. By doing so, the officials of relevant departments from the central government India commented that the move will be able to provide better security to the Indian online surfers.

Free Anti-Virus for the PC’s and Smart Phones by Government

S.No Facts to be Known Details Information
1 Aim To promote Cyber Security
2 Anti-Virus Software will be governed by The newly formed Malware Analysis center
3 Entire process comes under The Cyber Swachhta Kendra (CSK)
4 Who formed the special malware analysis center? The ministry of electronics and information technology (MEITY)
5 Estimated Budget for this Cyber Security Program About Rs. 90 Crore

As the entire nation is keen on making clean India under swach bharat scheme launched by the Mr. Modi, now the newly introduced cyber security scheme would gives the opportunity to clean the online. And it has been named as The Cyber Swachhta Kendra (CSK).

The Cyber Swachhta Kendra (CSK)

Under this CSK, the central government will launch free anti-virus program which can be freely downloadable by the users for the electronic gadgets like smart phones, tablets, computer systems and so. Those programs will scan the storages of those user’s gadgets and check whether any malware or virus infects the system, it the results founds positively means. The details about the malwares or virus will be sent to the server of the malware research analysis center. In response the experts will launch a special set of codes to remove those infections and also it will be helpful to get up to date on the existing ill programs in online.

The data about the malwares and other potentially ill software will be sent to the respective ISP (Internet Service providers) and banks which are specially formed by the center. Owing to that respective individuals can be easily identified and the experts can able to provide better safeguard protocols to remove those ill program.

Key points to be noted

  • The anti-virus which are released by the central government of India would be refereed as the either by a software or as an anti-malware tool.
  • As per the recent data released by the central government of India, around 58 ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and 13 special Internet banks are chosen to provide such security services to the online users of the nation.
  • The entire cyber security operation will be carried and directed by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) along with the participants of National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC).
  • The central government of India has approved the whopping budget amount of around 900 Cr to the NCCC body to provide and handle the potential cyber attacks which the Indian online users facing in real time.

While addressing to the public the IT Minister of India Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad quoted that the launch of the botnet cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre by the current government under the leadership of Mr. Modi is the initiatives for the Digital Swachh Bharat. And offering such cyber security is now became one of the mandatory for the governing body and the entire nation is moving towards the digitalization.

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