Green Urban Mobility Scheme


Green Urban Mobility Scheme is about to be introduced in 103 cities at the whopping budget of Rs. 70,000 Crore

As the alarm raising all over the world on the pollution, major cities in the India has the pollution level above the danger level particularly the nation’s capital Delhi which has been listed as the top in the air polluted cities of the world. On accounting those facts and to safeguard the human race in this world several awareness campaigns and precaution measures are forced by many countries all over the world. India is not an exception in that list; recently the central government of India introduced the ‘Green Urban Mobility’ scheme which intended to promote the eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Green Urban Mobility Scheme

What is Green Urban Mobility Scheme

As the rise of motorists and other vehicles in the urban cities of the nation, it’s been a red alarm situation for the government to implement the process to divert the people towards the non-motorized transportation like cycling, footpath, or by any other mode by which lesser pollution will be emitted.

Key points to be noted

  • This new eco-friendly Green Urban mobility scheme was conveyed by the urban development Minister Mr. Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu, and also said that the scheme is currently under analysis of making it more effective.
  • As per the data released by the minister, this eco-friendly system will play a vital role on converting public mode of transportations other than the metro rail systems in those selected urban cities of the nation.
  • The officials of the relevant public transportation department reveled that they are working to replace the engines of the public transportation vehicles to new one that emits low carbon level.
  • The participants of the private firms will play a vital role on successful implementation of this eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  • As initiatives toward the eco-system, the government is to encourage the non-motorized transportation in the urban cities with the intention of reducing carbon emission from the motorized transportation.
  • In order to create awareness among the people, the 4 day conference is planned to be conducted about Urban mobility India and also separate Expo is about to be inaugurated in the Gandhinagar.

Initially Covered Area 

The central government decided to implement the Green Urban Mobility scheme in the public transportation of the urban cities that has the total population of over 5 lakh, according the filters around 103 cities are expected to avail transportation changes in the public transportation. Under this scheme the public transport vehicles will be fixed with the intelligent system which monitors the emission of the carbon levels from the engine.

Central and State Government Contribution For the Scheme

In order to implement this eco-friendly scheme in those selected cities, the government plans to invest around 70,000 Cr. Those whopping amount will be shared by state, central government along with the financial aids of multi-lateral agencies. In this eco-friendly scheme, the public transports are about to be converted into hybrid or otherwise known as the electric and by using the non-fossil fuels.


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