Aug 192015

How to print E Receipt for SBI PPF Account

There are few of those PPF Account holders who deposit in their account, but are not able to get receipts or lose their hard copy receipt for some or the other reasons.  For these people, E-Receipt if a viable respite, which they can download from their internet banking facility.

If you have your internet banking with State Bank of India and you pay your PPF investment through online banking, you can always download the receipt by following the below mentioned steps:

How to print E Receipt for SBI PPF Account

  • In the first place, you would have to login to your internet banking portal by visiting
  • The next window that you would see on your computer would be the login page where you would be required to input your username and password. There is a virtual keyboard on the login page, which is unchecked by default.  If you do not specially need to use that, simply type in your username and password and move on to your account landing page.
  • Once you reach your account page, you would see a link on the left hand side of the page that would say, ‘Print e-Receipt for PPF’. Click on the link
  • Once your click on the link, the page would ask you to select the date range. Chose the time frame for which you want to download the receipt and click submit
  • The next page would ask you to put chose from the reference IDs for the PPF contribution. Select the appropriate reference ID and view and download your PPF E-Receipt
  • If you have a working printer connect to your computer, you can take a print out of the e-receipt or else you can simply save the file on your computer for future reference.

The e-receipt contains relevant information that may come handy for you in future like the mode of payment used, the reference number of the transaction, the debit account number, the date of transaction, etc.  This is important since you no more have to get your PPF passbook updated by visiting the branch physically.

Internet has made things quite convenient for everyone.  If we have the right service installed for us on our computers, we can save plenty of time and energy and make our life a little hassle-free and convenient.  It is all about using technology wisely and appropriately.

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