Manoj Sinha Biography


Manoj Sinha Biography

A number of speculations were made about the possible CM of Uttar Pradesh. In an interesting twist, the name of BHU President – Manoj Sinha – has come out as the possible candidate for the post. However, the interesting thing is that Sinha is looked upon as a rebel when it comes to disciplinary standards of RSS and BJP (just a clarification, BJP is a political offshoot of RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha).

Manoj Sinha Biography

A Bit About Manoj Sinha – Political Career

Manoj Sinha is a BJP MP from UP’s Ghazipur Constituency. As of now, he is Railway Ministry’s state minister and Communications Ministry’s state minister (independent charge). Only recently when PM Modi expanded the Union Cabinet, Sinha was inducted into the cabinet.

Sinha became BHU or Banaras Hindu University’s Student Union’s President in year 1982. It is from there that his political career started and later in 1996 and once again in 1999, he became Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) member. He became a member of Lower House for the third time in 2014 elections.

It is worth mentioning that Manoj Sinha is one of Parliament’s highest rated member (performance wise) and became the person to have highest attendance during 13th Lok Sabha.

Starting 1989, he became National Council of BJP’s member and stayed the same till 1996.

India Today has tagged him as one of the most honest Parliament members in history of Indian politics. He was made public welfare MP and that’s when Sinha created history by successful utilization of all the money (till the last penny) that as allocated for public welfare.

BJP’s popular face – Rajnath Singh (the current Union Home Minister) is one of the BJP leaders with whom, Manoj Sinha doesn’t share a good chemistry. The two had some clashes back in 1981 when Manoj Sinha was the dark horse of BHU students’ politics. In 1996 and 1999, despite having earned a position in Lok Sabha, Manoj Singh failed to make a proper mark because of two other shining stars of BJP – Rajnath Singh and Kalyan Singh. The actual success for Sinha came in 2014 when he became state minister for Railway Ministry.

Sinha has never been into controversies and is pretty close to BJP chief – Amit Shah and Indian PM – Narendra Modi. These factors possibly helped him in getting into CM race for UP.

Life and Education of Manoj Sinha

Sinha was born in UP’s Ghazipur district. The exact birth place was Mohanpura. He was born on 1st of July, 1959. He is married and his wife’s name is Neelam Sinha. Neelam is from Bihar. To be more specific, she is from Nalanda District’s Maghara Bihar Sharif. Manoj and Neelam together have a daughter and a son.

As far as studies are concerned, Manoj Sinha is highly educated. He completed his Civil Engineering B.Tech from IIT-BHU (Indian Institute of Technology – Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi. Later, he went on to complete M.Tech from the same prestigious educational institute.

During 1999-2000 (right before he actively participated in Indian politics), he was General Council, School of Planning’s member. He was also a member of Energy Committee and Government Assurances Committee.

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