PPF in Post Office


PPF is a long term investment scheme for gild child in India for the purpose of their marriage and higher education.  It does not only provide financial security for an individual but also lets him/her save for their future, preferably the period of time after retirement. You can opened for yourself PPF in Post Office.

PPF in Post Office

PPF is an effective tool of saving for those who are employed in private and unemployed sector and would not enjoy any government PF and pension facility.  Since it is backed by a preferably high rate of interest and complete tax saving, lots of individuals in Indian opt for PPF.

The current rate of interest for PPF is 8.7% and the minimum locking term for the scheme is 15 years, which could be further extended in multiple of 5 years. For read more information about PPF you can read Public Provident Fund PPF FAQ

 PPF in Post Office

You can open a PPF account in any of the private and public sector banks along with all the post offices.  In this article, we would discuss on how you can get opened for yourself PPF in post office and how you can run it conveniently.

Documents required for PPF in Post Office

There are very few documents required for opening of PPF account.  Here is the list of documents you would need to open a PPF in Post Office.

  1. Two latest passport size photographs
  2. Proof of address
  3. Proof of Identity
  4. PAN Card
  5. Deposit amount (minimum Rs 500)

As you can see there are only few prerequisites for opening PPF in post office.  All you need to do is walk up to any of your post offices in the locality and meet the concerned official.

The procedure of getting PPF account in Post Offices

  1. Walk up to any of the post offices near your vicinity
  2. Meet the concerned official and fill up the requisite form for account opening.
  3. You can also download the form from internet
  4. Affix your Passport Photograph on the space provided on the form and cross sign it accordingly.
  5. Attach photo copy of the required documents along with the form and submit it to the post office executive along with your deposit money.
  6. You can deposit a minimum of Rs 500 and Rs 70,000 as the maximum at the time of opening of the account.

Important Instructions for Opening of PPF Account

  • There is no provision for joint account in PPF. Only one person can open a PPF account in his/her own name.
  • The account holder can however, nominate others for the PPF investment. A maximum of four people can be nominated for a PPF account.
  • If the depositor of the account is an adult, a PPF account for a minor is also possible.
  • The maturity period for PPF account is 15 years, however, the account holder if wishes to extend the term of the account can do so in a multiple of 5 years.
  • You can’t withdraw premature before the start of 7th year of the account
  • Loan against PPF can be taken during the start of 4th year and beginning of 7th year of the account

With all these useful information, we hope that you would have no difficulty getting a PPF account for yourself in Post Offices.  For someone who does not wish to open a PPF account in Post Office can definitely get an account in any of the leading banks like SBI, PNB, HDFC, etc.

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