Who is authorized to operate PPF Account


PPF (Public Provident Fund) is a premier long term small saving scheme started by Government of India in 1968.  The purpose of PPF is to ensure that a common man save some part of their income every year so that the accumulated amount serves as a financial security in the older days.

Moreover, since PPF is a complete EEE tax exemption tool, a lot of people also invest in PPF to save on taxes and thus get a double dose of benefits. But several people have a question in their mind Who is authorized to operate PPF Account . So we have give the answer of this question and remove your douts.

Who is authorized to operate PPF Account

Who is authorized to operate PPF Account ?

Well, the answer of the question Who is authorized to operate PPF Account lies in the scheme itself.  In the first place we need to understand the people who can open a PPF account.  Any Indian national is authorized to open a PPF account.  Likewise, whosoever opens a PPF account is thereby authorized to operate their respective account.

However, in case of a minor, the account can be opened and operated by either of a parent or the custodial guardian of the parent.

  • An Adult to operate their own PPF account

Any adult holding a PPF account is authorized to deposit money, take loans against the account, avail tax benefits as well as receive the maturity amount for his/her respective account.  This is something simple and self explanatory.

  • Can spouse operate the PPF accounts?

The answer to this question is a little tricky.  A spouse is very well authorized to deposit money to his/her better half account, however, is eligible to claim the proceeds or maturity amount of PPF account only in case he/she is the nominee of the account.

  • Who can operate account, in case of a minor?

If the PPF account holder is a minor, the legal guardian of the minor can open and operate the minor’s account with full authority.  This is something that the PPF scheme clearly envisages.  However, if the parents of the minor are living, the operation of minor’s account by anyone else becomes a subjective matter. We will cover this aspect in PPF for Minors

In cases where the surviving parents are not financially or physically capable to carry out the operations of PPF account of a minor, the grandparents or any other legal guardian can operate the minor’s PPF account.  However, in this case necessary documentary proofs would be required at the time of opening of PPF Account.

Last but not the least, a spouse can open and operate a PPF account for their partner as well and claim for tax benefits for the both accounts.  In all, either parent can have up to a maximum of 3 PPF accounts, i.e. one for self, one for the partner and third for the child. you can also read the article Public Provident Fund PPF FAQ

So Who is authorized to operate PPF Account is the very big question. We tried to give the answer of the question Who is authorized to operate PPF Account? But if you have any query, ask us.

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